23. How Do You Respond When Storms Are Brewing?

How do you respond when storms are brewing?

When facing a season of uncertainty in any arena of life, sometimes it feels easiest to hunker down and hide.

What if the best thing you can do is face your problems head-on and keep trucking forward?

At this point in Dale and Brian’s story, they are just starting to see some business success. They are coming through months of a busy season, selling many projects and going at 100 miles per hour. 

Then came the “September Slowdown.” Dale, Brian, and their small team went from selling projects left and right and breaking down business barriers to a season where sales had come to a staggering halt. This season of “calm” was actually a storm brewing for their business, and they were feeling it.

When faced with complete uncertainty in their business, financial instability, and even house foreclosures, instead of hiding in fear, Brian and Dale choose to step out in faith with the help of their confident salesman Eli and his “crazy idea” that would pull the business back up on their feet and plunge them through the storm. 

If you take this story and apply it to your life, you’ll see how you can walk out in faith to build momentum and get through stormy times.

Sometimes you have to do things a little out of the ordinary to achieve something extraordinary. - Dale Karmie, Episode 23

Episode Highlights: 

  • Facing an extremely slow month in the business. 
  • Opportunity for a “crazy” idea.
  • Eli’s confidence and persistence. 
  • Mentality through slow seasons. 
  • Turning $100,000 in business from the “crazy idea.”
  • Gaining inertia to keep moving forward. 
  • Dale’s home being foreclosed on.
  • Heading toward the storm vs hiding from it. 
  • Getting creative to generate business. 
  • The impact of confidence. 

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