39. Have Multiple “One Big Things”

What happens when your one big thing turns out to be a dud?

This story picks up in the fall of 2004. Brian and Dale are still working to build ForeverLawn into a national company and are starting to feel the fire catching with more and more people interested in expanding into new territories. 

While still balancing the operations in Albuquerque and expanding the network, Brian and Dale are approached with what they think could be their “big break,” a national television opportunity in New York. With very little coming through their bank accounts they make the trip and seize the opportunity. 

The big break turns out to be a big dud. 

Instead of seeing this event only as a waste of time and a financial woe, they take the opportunity as an incredible learning experience that would help them down road and move toward the next big thing. 

Every experience is a learning experience. It may not turn out how you plan, but there is something to take away from every moment. Keep seizing the opportunity in front of you, and don’t put all your eggs in one basket. 

Episode Highlights: 

  • A growing ForeverLawn network
  • Two stops, two dealers and cookies from Seth and Candy
  • BIG break or big DUD?
  • A seized opportunity 

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