28. Happy 4th Birthday

How do you handle it when somebody lets you down?

In September of 2006, the ForeverLawn Albuquerque office was getting into a good groove. The office staff threw a party on a Friday to celebrate the 4th birthday of the business… but to Dale and Brian’s surprise, one of their integral office members didn’t show up the following Monday. 

Where was she? Was she ok? The brothers attempted to contact her with no success. A few days passed, and the employee’s friend brought her keys to the office and informed them that she had moved back to her out-of-state home. 

Dale and Brian had a lot of questions… Why didn’t she tell them? Was she unhappy? They had two options: Be bitter and upset, or learn from it and move on. 

Beyond the changes in the office, the California market was also experiencing unexpected changes. Tune into this episode to hear how the brothers responded and the lessons they learned from them.

Episode Highlights: 

  • ForeverLawn was going through a period of change.
  • Brittany joins the team.
  • The 4 year ‘birthday party’.
  • Where is Priscilla?
  • Sometimes, people come just for a season.
  • Changes in California.
  • Rolling with the punches.
  • Nothing is wasted.
  • Being good stewards of what we’ve been blessed with.

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