3. For the Good of the Team

Are you willing to NOT be the hero in order to win? 

As Dale and Brian press onward in their entrepreneurial journey, they continue to hit life lessons and roadblocks that shape them into the men they are today.

ForeverLawn continued to build momentum, and word about the business spread. With each project, Dale and Brian’s expertise as business owners grew. 

But not every customer thought this was the case.

Listen in today as Dale and Brian share a situation where they were required to have major humility and take a back seat as business owners for their team to win.

When faced with someone questioning your work ethic and abilities, it’s easy to get defensive; however it’s often in these situations that we must choose to have a big-picture mentality for the team’s success.

Tune in today to hear how Dale and Brian chose to respond and what they learned through it.

Welcome to Impact Without Limits.

Episode Highlights: 

  • Dale and Brian recap the state and structure of their business.
  • An unhappy customer threatens to sue.
  • ForeverLawn “corporate” puts Dale and Brian in their place.
  • Dale and Brian’s response deeply impacts the outcome of the situation.

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