12. Evette on the Stand

Sometimes, you’ve got to find joy in the journey, even in the face of the unexpected. The Karmie brothers embody this philosophy as they take listeners through an extraordinary trial experience. From savoring the mouthwatering bacon at their hotel to recounting the record-breaking number of objections in the courtroom, this episode will keep you on the edge of your seat and laughing along the way.

Join Dale and Brian for a memorable and entertaining episode filled with their unique perspectives and insights. They recount the unbelievable twists and turns of the trial, bringing their wit and charm to every moment. You won’t want to miss this lively discussion highlighting how humor and resilience can make even the toughest situations a little brighter.

Episode Highlights: 

  • Joe and the jacket.
  • You’re going to smell like bacon.
  • 227 sustained objections in 5 hours.
  • Joe’s birthday dinner.
  • Grandpa Joe and the messy jacket.

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