1. Diverging paths

Have you ever been skiing and had your skis start to drift apart?

Season two kicks off in the spring of 2005 when Brian and Dale are met with two diverging paths. They were beginning to feel like they were on skis, and their legs gradually drifted apart. Ironically, they had been riding that split for two solid years.

What they thought they created to give credibility to their business in Albuquerque had become a huge business venture they never planned on chasing. They were beginning to see major potential in pursuing ForeverLawn Inc. – the national network– long term.

How do you respond when a new opportunity catches your attention?

Maybe as you have started to chase something, something else has popped up in your periphery. You don’t want to jump and chase that new thing, but you also don’t want to ignore it.

It’s great to chase your goals and dreams and have a clear vision, but it’s also important to have peripheral vision.

Don’t go chasing after the shiny thing, but be aware of the other opportunities that could be surrounding you.

Episode Highlights: 

  • Intro to Season 2
  • The diverging paths
  • Staying focused without missing opportunities
  • Going all in on an opportunity

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