21. Considering an Appeal

After the judgment was made, many urged Dale and Brian to file for bankruptcy, but it didn’t feel right to them. They felt a deep sense of responsibility toward their team and dealers. While bankruptcy might have been the easiest solution for the brothers, it wasn’t the best option for ForeverLawn as a whole. They wanted to consider the collective good.

During this time, a surprising connection through social media led Brian to some unexpected insights about the jury’s decision. Encouraged by a new ally, the brothers began to consider an appeal seriously.

Meanwhile, a new opportunity brought Brian to California, where he took a crucial step in their fight for justice. With the appeal filed just in time, the story is far from over. Tune in to discover the twists and turns in this gripping episode.

Episode Highlights: 

  • Bankruptcy was not the answer.
  • 90 days to file an appeal.
  • God works in mysterious ways.
  • Finding an attorney for the appeal.
  • A new chapter.

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