11. Catching Fire in California

What do you believe about yourself?

Sometimes how we view ourselves is at odds with who we really are. Growth and change can be uncomfortable and scary, but we have to ‘walk the walk’ before it becomes a reality. 

Today, Dale and Brian share about an agreement they struck, providing a dealer with a territory spanning the entirety of Southern California. 

As this territory was far too large to be managed by just one dealer, he then hired and set up a series of sub-dealers.. At the time, this was required to cover the territory, but it wasn’t what the brothers had envisioned.

Yet through this process, the company saw unprecedented growth and went from roughly 60,000 square feet of product sold in a year to nearly 40,000 square feet in a month. While this growth was welcomed, it stretched the brothers mentally, emotionally, financially, and physically, and it provided them with the growth they had been searching for.

Tune in to learn more about this monumental time in the story of ForeverLawn.

Episode Highlights: 

  • Beginning to see success with dealers.
  • The ‘Louisiana Purchase’
  • Logistics of having multiple dealers
  • Rapid growth in California
  • Dale’s ACL surgery
  • From 60,000 sq ft in a year to 40,000 sq ft in a month
  • Retail vs. Wholesale
  • Takeaways to come in next episode

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