23. Call off the Dogs

This week on Impact Without Limits, Dale and Brian dive into the fallout from the verdict and its impact on their business relationships. The judgment against them prompted their supplier’s attorney and accountant to scrutinize ForeverLawn closely, resulting in new recommendations for collaboration.

As the attorney and accountant dug deeper, the restrictions tightened, proposing changes that would fundamentally alter the company’s operations. This was unsettling to Dale and Brian. They had a strong relationship with their supplier, but these restrictions from their legal team began to make them feel more like adversaries than partners.

Amidst these challenges, the brothers began to notice suspicious visits at their homes and offices. Was it just their imagination, or was the plaintiff up to something? Tune in to find out what happened next!

Episode Highlights: 

  • The snowball effect.
  • Rules of engagement.
  • Call off the dogs.
  • Suspicious visits.
  • Get your hands off my truck!

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