10. Brian and the Trucks

What is your superpower?

In this episode, Brian and Dale put Brian’s self-described “superpower” — his ability to laugh at himself — to the test as they look back to their time in Albuquerque, where Brian’s track record with trucks wasn’t so great. There were popped tires, accidents, and maintenance issues.. but there were also valuable lessons learned. 

When things feel out of control, the natural reaction is to hit the brakes, but in some situations that causes a crash. Sometimes the right answer is to step on the gas and keep moving forward. 

Through a series of unlikely events shared in this episode, the brothers learned some major lessons. What lessons did they learn? How can you apply these lessons to your life today?

Tune in to hear the lessons the brothers learned about life and business, and enjoy some laughs along the way.

Episode Highlights: 

  • The story of Big Blue
  • Popping tires
  • We needed another truck.
  • The entrance of Great White.
  • The eventful trip to Flagstaff.
  • The insurance pay out.
  • Hammering the gas.
  • Takeaways

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