22. Binoculars or a Microscope?

How does your long-term vision affect your short-term action?

The daily challenges we face can sometimes distract us from the bigger picture we’re working toward. What can we do to shift our perspective and not lose sight of our big goals, the vision that got us started in the first place?

Since the beginning of their artificial turf business journey, Brian and Dale will tell you they have always looked through the lens of “binoculars rather than a microscope.” Through all of the highs and (many) lows, the big picture was always in mind– even if that big picture originated on a paper plate. 

Today Brian and Dale talk through expanding territories of the Astrolawn business into Tucson and Orlando (two polar opposite landscapes) and the trials that followed. Their focus was not on profit, but on setting others up for success–something they knew would be key in creating a successful long-term business.

With a big-picture mentality, follow along as Brian and Dale continue to break barriers, befriend scorpions (you heard it here first), and pave the way for a successful, lasting venture. 

In the moment we weren't focused on "how do we get profit out of this" we were focused on "what can we do to invest in this business and create long-term successful business." -Brian Karmie, Episode 22

Episode Highlights: 

  • Looking through binoculars rather than a microscope.
  • Randy expanding in Tucson.
  • Trouble with the tropics.. Ty’s expansion in Orlando.
  • The office pet scorpion. 
  • The opportunity of a lifetime.

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