April Special Feature: Follow the Gentle Nudges With Brock Kreitzburg

What would your life look like if you relinquished control of your plans and let God lead?

Today, Dale and Brian share a conversation with American bobsledder, football player, family man, and businessman Brock Kreitzburg. 

Often in life we make big plans, and when they don’t work out it can be soul-crushing. But what if breaking our dreams holds a breakthrough for the lives we were created for?

For Brock, this is a massive part of his story. When his plans didn’t work out, Brock decided to lean in and continue pressing on toward the life he was created for. After participating in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers mini-camp, Brock went to school and earned a degree in divinity. While there were many twists and turns, one thing remained: he was committed to living a life of serving others.

Throughout this conversation, Brock shares how he followed gentle nudges to lay down the life he planned for himself and live in unknown countries with no ties. While the nudges didn’t always make sense at the time, in retrospect, it’s easy to see how the path he took was all part of God’s beautiful and perfect plan.

Had Brock followed his own self-serving desires, it’s likely he never would have landed where he is today. 

Today Brock spends his time investing in Summit Missions, a Christian organization partnering with churches and leaders across Eastern Europe  to provide practical help and spiritual hope–all done with the ultimate goal of sharing the good news of God’s love for them through Jesus Christ.

If you’re at a crossroads and struggling with which direction to take, this episode is one you will not want to miss. 

Brock is an amazing man of impact, and this episode is packed full of wisdom that we feel privileged to share with you. 

Welcome back to Impact Without Limits.

Despite the difficulty in front of me, God has called me to this life of serving others. -Brock Kreitzburg, April Special Feature