22. Appeal and More

Welcome back to Impact Without Limits. In the last episode, Dale and Brian discussed filing a notice of appeal. However, this didn’t halt the other proceedings. The plaintiff, anticipating the appeal would favor ForeverLawn, hired an attorney in Ohio to collect the money before the appeal could be processed. With the help of a trusted attorney, the brothers managed to file a motion with the Ohio court, staying the proceedings until the appeal’s outcome was determined.

Despite this temporary relief, the plaintiff launched a series of lawsuits against ForeverLawn, Dale, Brian, their wives, and numerous business associates. The brothers brought on a new attorney, who joined the chorus advising them to file for bankruptcy. Although the stay in Ohio provided brief relief, it also triggered a fresh wave of legal battles.

Tune in to this episode to hear how Dale and Brian navigated these challenges and continued to push forward.

Episode Highlights: 

  • The ‘stay’ in Ohio.
  • Temporary relief.
  • A wave of new lawsuits.
  • The ForeverLawn Conference.
  • Servant leadership.

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