33. An Angel Fire Christmas

Do you remember where you were 17 years ago today?

In this fun episode, the Karmie brothers share about a memorable vacation they took 17 years ago, today, with their families in Angel Fire, New Mexico. One of the things that set this trip apart from previous ones was that it was the first vacation the families had taken together that had no ties to business.

Like any other Karmie brother trip, this one was full of adventures. Many memories were made, from driving through a freak snowstorm in Albuquerque to a close-call sled ride. Dale and Brian fondly reminisce about their most memorable trip moments while reminding us of the importance of making time for family.

When building a business, sacrifices are inevitable. Time, finances, and many other elements may need to be relinquished, yet amidst these trade-offs, it’s crucial to never compromise your family. Achieving success can be a lonely road without the presence and support of your loved ones by your side.

Episode Highlights: 

  • A freak snowstorm in Albuquerque.
  • White knuckle driving at it’s finest.
  • Fresh snow and broken tailbones.
  • The importance of making time for family.

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