2. A Tale of Two Trials

Picture this: it’s the spring of 2007, and Dale and Brian already deeply entangled in one lawsuit, suddenly find themselves in yet another legal debacle. In today’s episode, the brothers open up about this second legal ordeal, in which a customer was now making a claim against them.

As they made their way through the mediation process, they quickly learned that the goal of a civil lawsuit was not justice; it was to bring resolution between the two parties. The Karmies had two options – continue and pursue justice in a trial that would be very costly, or pay a settlement and be done with it.

Dale and Brian wrestled with the question – Why would they pay when they had done nothing wrong?

Wondering how the two brothers handled this legal challenge? Tune in to this episode to find out what they chose to do!

Episode Highlights: 

  • Dale & Brian share a quick recap.
  • The second lawsuit. 
  • We didn’t do anything wrong, why would we pay?
  • Swallowing pride & paying the settlement.

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