K9Grass Featured in USA Today

April 13, 2007 — K9Grass by ForeverLawn, the only artificial grass designed specifically for dogs, was featured on the cover of USA Today’s Life section. In the article entitled, “K9Grass stands up to ruff treatment,” USA Today reporter Marco R. della Cava reviews the features and benefits of K9Grass, including its antimicrobial agents that help create a cleaner, safer environment for pets, its flow-through™ backing that allows for instant drainage, and its lack of sand infill, making it easier to clean.

In addition to being a smart product for commercial pet facilities as well as backyards, K9Grass offers an added benefit — dogs love it. The soft, cushioned feel of K9Grass is easy on a dog’s joints, making it an ideal surface for running and rolling.

From the proprietary wide-bladed monofilament yarn with built-in antimicrobial protection, to the knitted design and our flow-through backing, K9Grass is the only true option for grass in high-traffic dog areas.

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