ForeverLawn Dealer Evergreen Waterless featured in Zion’s Bank Speaking on Business Radio Series

June/July, 2007 – It looks like real grass and it feels like real grass, but it doesn’t have to be watered, fertilized or mowed. ForeverLawn seems so natural that when Bill and Erin Lish went to check out synthetic grass landscaping for the first time, they drove right past it. Even after they found the business and stepped onto the grass, Erin said, “No, this isn’t the right place.”The Lishes were amazed at how beautiful and natural the synthetic grass looked. A year later, they opened EverGreen Waterless Lawns, selling and installing high quality synthetic lawns.EverGreen Waterless Lawns now has offices in Meridian, Idaho, and Farr West, Utah. Bill tells me the company saves its clients, both residential and commercial, thousands of dollars in landscaping and maintenance costs. The grass is made of durable polyethylene fibers and requires little care. It is very low maintenance, and has a lifespan of about 20 years.

To install the grass, EverGreen employees strip the ground of any existing turfgrass, and then roll out the synthetic grass much like laying carpet. The grass is very sturdy, weighing about two pounds per square foot. Bill says you can even plant trees in a yard with synthetic grass.

EverGreen Waterless Lawns sells the ForeverLawn brand. Bill says the company chose ForeverLawn because of its lifelike appearance, superior durability and wide selection of products. In addition to its landscaping grass, the company can install speciality Playground Grass, which has a 12-foot fall safety rating. It also offers antimicrobial K9Grass for pets, engineered for drainage and easy clean-up. And an option that I especially liked: EverGreen Waterless Lawns will rder and install synthetic grass to replicate your favorite green from almost any golf course in the world.

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