Can I get it cheaper? A cautionary tale.

Can I get it cheaper?  A cautionary tale.

“She was so excited…until of course…”
By John Seaver

On a cold and rainy day in Albuquerque NM, we sold a 15 x 20 piece of VR to a nice mother who is doing a self install, and I am confident she has done everything correctly. But there is a sad part to the story.

She came in over 8 weeks ago looking at our grasses and fell in love with VR. I gave her a sample and she went home with the necessary instructions to start preparing the area for the VR. Did I mention she is a very smart resourceful mother?

Over the next 8 weeks she continues to research fake grass and finds she can buy grass via the internet. She calls a company from Georgia and they tell her that they have Foreverlawn VR but for 4.25 a square foot. She asks if it has the premium backing and they of course said “you don’t need that”. She also asked if she could give her a sample and they said, no! (she had our sample at her home) But they reassured her it was the same grass and she would be very happy with it. SO she ordered the grass thinking she was saving 1200.00 dollars.

Four weeks go by and she gets the grass delivered to her home. In the meantime she had scheduled a very intense surgery to occur this week on Wednesday. Knowing she would be not able to do anything for 6 weeks doctors order, she had hoped to get the grass installed and done by the time she was in surgery. She also said that her husband was all for it if she took care of everything. Ground prep, ordering and installing. WOW. And she didn’t seem unhappy about that arrangement.

The grass arrives last Friday. She was so excited it came in until of course she unrolls the grass. To her horror it was nothing like the VR. She literally broke down on her hands and knees and cried. She realized she had made a huge mistake and on top of that she had this life changing surgery happening. She immediately called the “turf” source in Georgia and tried several times to get them to return her call. Finally she reaches someone but they tell her to call back around 1:00pm. Yes I know what your thinking. “the typical runaround”. This is where FLNM comes in to the story.

She arrives to the store this morning and it took a lot for her to tell us this story but she did and we gave her one piece of advice. We found out she used a visa card to pay for the grass and we told her she could get a chargeback on her credit card if she calls them right away. She felt better but still felt horrible having made this mistake. She was happy to buy the VR and went home feeling just a little bit better than we she arrived. Once again the Foreverlawn Family can feel proud we stand together on integrity. I love to help customers like this and restore hope in the synthetic grass business. One customer at a time.