Jessica Capshaw and Christopher Gavigan on ForeverLawn

Christopher Gavigan and Jessica Capshaw Create a Kid- and Eco-Friendly Backyard

Christopher Gavigan and Jessica Capshaw Create a Kid- and Eco-Friendly Backyard

April 15, 2015 (North Canton, OH) – Santa Monica power couple Christopher Gavigan and Jessica Capshaw have created a kid-safe and environmentally conscious backyard utilizing ForeverLawn synthetic turf with pure silica sand infill. Gavigan is the Founder and Chief Products Officer of The Honest Company /, where he develops safe, health-conscious, natural, high-quality family and home products. Capshaw plays Arizona Robbins on the highly acclaimed television show Grey’s Anatomy, reaching approximately eight million viewers each episode. With such high-profile professions, Gavigan and Capshaw treasure the moments playing with their three children in the backyard of their Santa Monica home. Their new ForeverLawn synthetic grass backyard solved several problems that interfered with their use of the yard, and also fit into their requirements of quality and environmental stewardship.

“We love spending time with our family in the backyard,” said Gavigan, “but given how it was situated, it always remained damp and virtually unusable. We also had experienced a major grub problem, which attracted raccoons to the lawn—a clear safety concern for our three kids. Our commitment to using only the safest, most environmentally conscious products for our home and family led us to ForeverLawn. When we learned that they utilized sustainable technologies, innovative recycled and recyclable materials, and saw how realistic and beautiful their American-made synthetic turf looked, we knew we had found the right solution.”

ForeverLawn is the nation’s leading artificial turf company, known for its innovative products and its commitment to environmental stewardship. Their flagship product, ForeverLawn Select Synthetic Grass, was the perfect solution for Gavigan and Capshaw’s backyard issues. The grass does not require water for its lush, beautiful appearance, and it does not contain organic material, so insects are not attracted to it. Since it is made in the USA, Gavigan and Capshaw were more comfortable knowing that this grass would be safe for their family. An additional benefit to a ForeverLawn backyard is the water savings it provides. “We are especially pleased to save thousands of gallons of water now—particularly during this drought Southern California is experiencing,” said Gavigan. “Our decision to create a backyard with ForeverLawn and open up our lawn for year-round fun and entertaining has been transformative for us! We recommend ForeverLawn not just for the superiority of their products, but for their dedication to safety and environmental stewardship.”

The family has even considered the possibility of adding a pet to their home, now that they no longer have to deal with mud and wet conditions in the yard. “I’m really happy with the ForeverLawn,” said Capshaw. “We never have to worry about pests, mowing, or watering. And it’s always ready for guests!”

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