US Colonel’s Companion, Buckeye the Pug, to Receive a Patch of Grass from Home

August 9, 2017 (North Canton, OH) – ForeverLawn, the leading synthetic turf company, had the opportunity this month to show appreciation to an active duty US Military Colonel—and his dog— serving in Saudi Arabia. Buckeye the Pug, the beloved dog of Colonel Kelly S. Rosenberger, will soon receive his very own patch of K9Grass, the artificial grass designed specifically for dogs.

Boy sitting on K9Grass with sign for veterans.
Happy dog sitting on the floor.

Colonel Rosenberger learned about K9Grass on Facebook, and contacted ForeverLawn Pacific Coast about getting grass for Buckeye the Pug. Rosenberger is an active duty officer who recently moved to Saudi Arabia with his wife, three cats, and Buckeye the Pug. “There is no grass here and it’s freaking the pug out,” said Rosenberger. “So I want to build him a pet relief area.”

Since K9Grass is designed specifically for dogs, it’s the perfect artificial grass to give Buckeye the Pug the grassy comforts of home that he wants, with added benefits such as antimicrobial agents built into the blades and superior drainage to help with waste removal. Unlike other synthetic grass products that require infill materials to support the blades and weigh the grass down, K9Grass provides a unique construction that does not require infill, which is the most effective method for dealing with pet waste.

“We are all so appreciative of what you and the rest of our military do for us that we felt it would be a small but nice gesture to send you a 5’ x 7’ piece of K9Grass at no charge to you,” replied Ken Karmie, K9Grass brand manager and owner of ForeverLawn Pacific Coast. “I speak for all of ForeverLawn when I say we value and respect what you do. Thank you for your service.”

Buckeye the Pug’s K9Grass is currently on its way to Saudi Arabia, and Colonel Rosenberger plans to send an update to ForeverLawn showing the pug enjoying his new patch of grass. Since K9Grass is Made in the USA, Buckeye the Pug can rest assured knowing that his new grass is truly a piece of home.

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