West Hollywood Dog Parks

The city of West Hollywood has long been awaiting the opening of the new dog parks at West Hollywood Park. K9Grass® is installed two off-leash dog parks, a small one that’s approximately 4,000 square feet and a larger park that’s approximately 7,000 square feet. Each dog park is gated and fenced-in with expansive open spaces, shade trees, mounds, and terraces—all thoughtfully placed for the dogs to enjoy. K9Grass was installed in both of the parks by the ForeverLawn Pacific Coast team. At the ribbon cutting ceremony that took place in January, West Hollywood Mayor John Heilman shared, “People have been asking me, ‘What about this grass? This grass is amazing!’  Well it’s actually not grass. It’s a specially formulated K9Grass artificial turf. It is specially designed for dogs, it is environmentally safe for dogs and their guardians, there’s no rubber or composite infills, the blades of grass have antimicrobial protection and are designed to stay cool and not burn our little doggies’ paws.”

West Hollywood, CA
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