Saratoga Creek Dog Park, San Jose, California

When the city of San Jose, California started planning their new 14,000 square foot dog park, they were faced with a number of challenges. Mud, odor and extensive maintenance were big issues at other dog parks, and they wanted to find a better solution. Enter K9Grass® by ForeverLawn®.

Special Odor-Fighting Design

The uniqueness of this product begins with the yarn used to produce the grass blades. Our special product blend helps fight odors, which in turn creates a safer, cleaner environment for the pets.

Sheer Durability

K9Grass offers multiple advantages over tufted turf products, including enhanced durability, instantaneous and immediate drainage, and a denser, more realistic blade pattern.

The artificial grass designed specifically for dogs, K9Grass offered a product that drains well, is able to withstand wear and tear, and is easy to maintain. As an added benefit, the knitted structure of K9Grass helps wick away urine for a cleaner facility and a cleaner dog.

The artificial grass designed specifically for dogs!

San Jose, California
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Dog Park