Residential Outdoor Training and Entertainment Space

A well-known designer in the Cranberry, Pennsylvania, area was looking to design two unique spaces on her property: a training/crossfit area and an entertainment space. She had used ForeverLawn® artificial grass previously and knew that she wanted to use our products at her home. Using a combination of ForeverLawn® Select VR, ForeverLawn Fresh, and GolfGreens® True Putt 10/11, we were able to create two spaces that are both functional and beautiful. The team at ForeverLawn Penn-Ohio installed the artificial grass with extreme attention to detail, as this project was all about design and aesthetics. Between the three different artificial grass products, the team installed 1,250 square feet in just two days.

Cranberry, PA
Products Used
ForeverLawn® Select VR, ForeverLawn Fresh, True Putt 10/11
Project Type
Residential Backyard