Doom, Goomba, and Ebby’s Backyard

A backyard full of rocks and gravel doesn’t mix well with dogs, as evidenced by Doom and Goomba who would previously just lay around all day to avoid the uncomfortable backyard surface at this San Diego residence. As soon as the 780 square feet of K9Grass® by ForeverLawn® synthetic grass was installed by the ForeverLawn Pacific Coast team, the dogs were out running around and playing ball with their best friend Ebby, a bulldog who now comes over to play throughout the week. Not only has K9Grass dog turf transformed this backyard, but it has also transformed the overall activity level and happiness of these dogs now that they have a soft, comfortable space to run, play, and do their business. After the project was completed, the owner of this San Diego home said, “I am so thankful we were able to find a product that made our dogs like to play outside again and could be used with the rocks and gravel already in our backyard. Thank you guys so much!”

San Diego, CA
Products Used
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Residential Backyard