Brian Samuels’ Residential Backyard

Licensed contractor and TV host Jason Cameron loves using ForeverLawn® synthetic grass in his projects. When his agent, Brian Samuels, had continual issues keeping his grass free from brown spots and holes caused by their two dogs, Jason knew that K9Grass® by ForeverLawn was the answer. Brian and his wife have a cozy backyard with a pool, and they wished their yard would stay green and lush without worrying about lawn trimmings in the pool or their dogs eating the grass. Brian’s wife Danielle was hesitant about the idea of artificial grass, and was concerned that it would look unnatural. The team at ForeverLawn Pacific Coast installed 750 square feet of K9Grass synthetic turf in just one day, creating a beautiful, low-maintenance yard for the Samuels family. As soon as Danielle saw her new yard, she fell in love—and so did the dogs!

Sherman Oaks, CA
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Residential Backyard