Experience the synthetic grass designed specifically for dogs

Say goodbye to muddy paws and hello to a fresh, clean lawn.

Edge-to-Edge Drainability

K9Grass® provides uninhibited edge-to-edge drainage using an infill-free, knitted Flow-Through Backing. With drainage at a rate of 2,000–3,000 inches per hour, K9Grass ensures liquid waste doesn’t linger and cause unpleasant odors.

Simplified Cleaning Process

Solid waste rests on the short, dense blade construction of K9Grass for easy removal, while our Flow-Through Backing allows liquids to drain out immediately.

Safe, Non-Toxic Materials

The AlphaSan® antimicrobial technology built into K9Grass blades deters the growth of harmful microbes. Plus, the no-infill design won’t trap waste or odors and prevents dogs from chewing on bits of rubber.

Soft, Durable Blades

K9Grass is constructed with premium materials and a durable blade structure to withstand wear and tear, and our blades are newly designed to keep the surface cooler.

K9Grass Classic+

K9Grass Classic+ is the leading synthetic turf solution designed specifically for dogs. Our pet-friendly grass is durable, drainable, cleanable, and antimicrobial. Ideal for yards, kennels, dog parks, and high-traffic areas, this premium product maximizes cleanliness and safety for pets and their owners to enjoy.

K9Grass Elite

K9Grass Elite provides all the functionality of K9Grass Classic+ with an added dose of durability and realism, thanks to an all-nylon, multicolored construction.

K9Grass Sport

Suited for training areas and agility courses, K9Grass Sport uses lightly textured polyethylene blades with a textured nylon thatch zone to create a full, dense, and safe product that’s ideal for training and performance applications.

Puppy Play

PuppyPlay™ is an economical, attractive option that provides pet-friendly advantages not found in standard synthetic turf products. It offers all the benefits of K9Grass synthetic turf in a solution with a lower cost of entry.

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