Artificial Putting Greens

“A hush falls over the crowd. He steps up to the ball, clears his mind, sets up and… SINKS THE PUTT!!” With a golf putting green by ForeverLawn® you can live that moment over and over in your own backyard. Our professional quality artificial golf turf will improve your landscape and your short game.

Whether you are looking for a practice area to improve your game or a recreation spot for entertaining, GolfGreens® by ForeverLawn® is a great addition to any property. For practice greens at golf courses, hotels and resorts, or backyards, our realistic greens can enhance any environment.

Whatever your golfing needs, ForeverLawn can tailor a solution to fit your unique situation.

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golfgreens putting green
True Putt

True Putt 10/11™

True Putt 10/11 is designed for serious golfers who want to improve their putting skills. The numbers 10/11 refer to the speed of the putting green, as measured by a stimpmeter. The short, dense product offers a tight nap for a fast, consistent ball roll, to give the avid golfer a realistic and reliable surface.

Pro Putt

Pro Putt & Chip™

Pro Putt & Chip is an excellent putting green for an entertaining space or a serious golfer. It can catch chips from up to ten yards, and provides a consistent putting surface.

Pin Seeker™

Pin Seeker provides an excellent surface for catching longer approach shots. Golfers enjoy a high-quality putting surface with this product, which requires annual maintenance for optimum performance.

EZ Putt™

EZ Putt is a fun entry-level putting green that requires little to no maintenance. This is a great choice for a backyard green that the whole family can enjoy.

Pro Drive™

Great for Tee Line and driving range applications. A tall, thick, dense, all nylon product that can hold a tee and will not melt under club friction.


This great-looking, high-performing product is quickly becoming a favorite fringe turf to complement any of the GolfGreens products.

Pure Shot™

This high-performance turf mimics first cut grass and is designed to withstand fast iron speeds.

GolfGreens on the Go

GolfGreens on the Go™ Putting Green

Whether you’re an experienced golfer or someone who just wants to have fun putting with friends and family, GolfGreens on the Go™ portable putting greens allow you to golf any time, anywhere.