A college campus, an office park, a playground, a putting green, and a private home. What do all of these places have in common? They are all spots that benefit from having green, luscious grass year-round.

ForeverLawn of the Carolinas offers beautiful, synthetic grass that is practically maintenance free. Our expert technicians install the grass with a flow-through backing made from recycled materials. This backing allows for excellent drainage and easy care.

Synthetic Grass is Kid-Friendly and Pet-Friendly Too

Chemicals, fertilizers, and pesticides that are so common in natural grass are not necessary on ForeverLawn’s synthetic grass products. Our artificial grasses are made with non-toxic materials that are safe for all.

DuPont™ ForeverLawn® Select Synthetic Grass is soft for small feet. The cushioning lets children run and play without the worry of getting scratched by harsh materials. The tightly woven material keeps dogs from digging and also helps to prevent invasions by underground rodents.

GolfGreens Improve Your Putt

A putting green in your own backyard? It is both possible and easy with GolfGreens®. Use True Putt for putting practice or Pin Seeker for longer shots. Call ForeverLawn of the Carolinas to learn about the different golfing grasses and which one works best for you.

Synthetic Grass for Entertainment and Aesthetics

Grass near water features often becomes discolored due to chemicals. Grass near pools can get worn out from repeated use. SplashGrass™ from ForeverLawn stands up to wear and tear and stays beautiful for years.

Other synthetic grass products include:

  • K9Grass®: Especially created for dogs and other pets.
  • Playground Grass™: Excellent material that offers soft landing under playground structures.
  • SportsGrass®: Synthetic grass for practice and playing fields with antimicrobial technology.

Contact ForeverLawn of the Carolinas today for an estimate on a synthetic grass solution today.

NorthStar Commercial FinancingTake advantage of our tremendous commercial financing program from North Star Leasing Company. Using this program enables businesses to enjoy the benefits of artificial turf while leaving company capital free for other purposes.

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