SYNTHETIC GRASS MidTown Mobile, Alabama

ForeverLawn synthetic grass MidTown Mobile, AL

MidTown Mobile features charming architecture, with homes and buildings dating back to 1880. As a historic district, MidTown takes great pride in preserving the beauty and history of the area. ForeverLawn Dogwood is equally invested in restoring beauty by providing synthetic grass solutions to landscapes and community spaces yet to be used to their full potential. 

Partner with ForeverLawn Dogwood to transform your landscape with premium synthetic grass solutions. An eco-friendly option requiring minimal maintenance, ForeverLawn enables you to enjoy your ideal landscape all year long. Explore our innovative kind of products below! 

ForeverLawn Landscape Synthetic Grass Solutions

ForeverLawn® Landscape™ synthetic grass is crafted with the highest quality materials available and backed by years of research to offer you a solution for impeccable, low-maintenance curb appeal. 

ForeverLawn® Select

This innovative line of synthetic grass products is built on the quality of ForeverLawn excellence. It features a tan thatch to enhance appearance and is perfect for replicating a natural grass look and feel in any environment.

ForeverLawn® Fusion™

Years of research and development have resulted in a product that is superior in appearance and durability. With its technologically advanced blades, Fusion is designed for extreme environments and solves the challenge of intense, reflective heat caused by low-E windows that can damage other synthetic grass products.

ForeverLawn® Fresh™

Installed with zero infill, this synthetic grass is ideal for applications where freedom of movement is a priority, such as in retirement homes or other places where wheelchair access is important. It features a clean, fresh-cut appearance.

ForeverLawn® Renew

Renew offers an all-green look to provide your lawn with a fresh, spring aesthetic. The visual depth and realism of Renew improves spaces with light foot traffic and high visibility.

Specialized Synthetic Grass Products

With our specialty product lines, you can choose a synthetic grass solution designed to fit your personal project needs and landscapes. Our products offer something for everyone to enjoy, from pets and kids to golfers and athletes.


The synthetic grass specifically designed for dogs! The proprietary knitted Flow-Through Backing, antimicrobial agents in the blades, and no-infill design keep dogs and dog owners happy and clean.

Playground Grass

Designed with children’s safety in mind, this artificial turf is ASTM safety rated up to 13 feet to maximize safety around high equipment.


Our custom-designed golf greens for players of all levels provide a beautiful space for entertaining and practice.


Created with athletes’ needs in mind for ultimate athletic performance, this artificial turf has less infill than its predecessors so particles won’t fly into the players’ eyes.

About ForeverLawn dogwood

ForeverLawn Dogwood is proudly owned and operated by Reid Cunningham and Gibbs Pearson. Reid was born and raised in Birmingham, AL and attended Auburn University where he studied Industrial and Systems Engineering. He has spent the majority of his career in the manufacturing industry as a production and project manager. He and his wife Lora are proud parents of their baby girl Hartley Ann, their dog Leo and cat Louise.

Gibbs Pearson was born and raised in Fairhope, Alabama and attended Auburn University. He brings additional logistics experience to the table and has worked as an independent contractor/handyman for years. He and his fiancée are renovating a home for themselves and their two pets, providing unique insights into the needs of homeowners and pet parents.

Reid and Gibbs leverage their personal and professional experience to provide the best possible products and service to their customers. ForeverLawn Dogwood is the exclusive ForeverLawn dealer in Fairhope, Orange Beach, Gulf Shores, and MidTown Mobile.

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