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ForeverLawn Central Texas provides unparalleled expertise and the highest quality, natural-looking synthetic grass for residential and commercial properties in McLennan, Coryell, Falls, and Bell County, Texas. Offering more than 20 varieties of the finest artificial grass alternatives, ForeverLawn Central Texas offers money and resource-saving alternatives to traditional landscaping options.

ForeverLawn Central Texas serves the following counties in their exclusive territory. Contact us today for a no-cost consultation.

Our Premium Artificial Grass Products:

  • DuPont™ ForeverLawn® Select Synthetic Grass – Provides the highest level of realism and functionality for landscaping areas.
  • K9Grass® – The artificial grass specifically designed for dogs! The proprietary knitted backing for pass-through drainage, antimicrobial agents in the blades, and no-infill design keep dogs and dog owners happy and clean.
  • Playground Grass™ – Designed with children’s safety in mind, this artificial turf is ASTM safety rated up to 13 feet to maximize safety around high equipment.
  • SplashGrass™ – Designed to make areas near water safer and cleaner, this artificial turf features our flow-through backing system to efficiently drain water out of the area.
  • GolfGreens® – Our custom-designed golf greens for players of all levels provide a beautiful space for entertaining and practice.
  • SportsGrass® – Created with athletes’ needs in mind for ultimate athletic performance, this artificial turf has less infill than its predecessors so particles won’t fly into the players’ eyes.

ForeverLawn products and installations are specifically designed to service the unique market they were created for.

ForeverLawn Installed at a Park

About ForeverLawn Central Texas:

Cory and Dakota Priest and Austin Cook got into the artificial turf industry because they saw a great need for a solution to help those with dry lawns or those who are spending so much time and money to keep their lawns looking nice. They realized that the best solution is artificial turf because it requires little maintenance to stay looking good all year while saving on water usage and time spent on yard work.

Cory Priest,
Principal Owner

Cory has lived in Waco for past 20+ years. He is the owner of Priest Cattle Co. and is a co-owner of JoCo Builders, a custom home builder in Waco, Texas. Cory is not involved in the day-to-day operations of ForeverLawn Central Texas, but serves as oversight for the big decisions being made.

Austin Cook,
General Manager

Austin graduated from Texas A&M in 2016 and has experience in landscaping and plumbing. For the past two years Austin has worked as a ranch hand at Priest Cattle Company, utilizing skills that lend themselves well to installing artificial turf. Austin’s role is in the everyday business of ForeverLawn Central Texas and he is also an expert in artificial turf installation.

Dakota Priest,
Turf Expert

Dakota graduated from Texas A&M in 2018 with a degree in Business Honors. Dakota is an entrepreneur at heart who specializes in getting companies up and running from ground zero. He is a partner on sales and marketing for ForeverLawn Central Texas.

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