At ForeverLawn North Jersey, we’re not afraid to be innovative to better meet our customers’ needs. We are always doing our best to think outside the box to improve our products and your experience.

One-of-a-Kind Innovation

  • Our Playground Grass™ was the first grass system to earn ASTM 1292 safety rating.
  • K9Grass® was the first grass in the industry to be made specially for dogs.
  • We use our unique, advanced weather-resistant micro mechanical seaming system.
  • Our premium backing includes a three-layer system that is unique to us.
  • We made the first product with AlphaSan® antimicrobial technology.
  • ForeverLawn introduced the first product that has multicolored blade structure as well as tan thatch for a more natural appearance (DuPont™ ForeverLawn® Select Artificial Grass)
  • All of our products are made within the US so that they meet strict lead-free standards.
  • Our Playground Grass is the only one that features XStatic™ antistatic technology.
  • Our K9Grass uses a patented flushing system that is meant to make the best indoor artificial grass spaces just for pets.
  • We have the most advanced certification and training program within our artificial grass industry.
  • We have the only artificial grass (DuPont™ ForeverLawn® Artificial Grass) that uses Memory Fiber™ yarn to improve durability, resiliency, and realistic appearance.
  • Our Playground Grass is the only one that uses a patent-pending SafetyCel™ system, which meets ADA standards, ASTM safety for 13 feet, and the Head Impact Criteria standards.

All of these innovations combined with our decades of experience, installing more than 14,000,000 square feet of our artificial grass products, puts us ahead of all the rest.

One-of-a-Kind Variety

Our products are designed to meet your every need:

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Grass without limits.
Grass without limits.

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