Residents and business owners of Pasco, Washington, alike can turn to ForeverLawn Tri-Cities to provide the best artificial grass solution on the market—ForeverLawn® artificial grass. It’s the ideal solution for lackluster front lawns and backyards, athletic fields, pet owners, city parks and playgrounds, recreational golfers, and so much more.

Why? Because ForeverLawn artificial grass is:

  • Durable – We use the best materials on the market combined with quality installation techniques for lasting durability.
  • Low Maintenance – Say goodbye to the constant watering, weeding, fertilizing, mowing, and patching of your natural grass lawn. With ForeverLawn artificial grass, you can sit back and enjoy your lawn rather than worry about how to improve it.
  • Versatile – ForeverLawn artificial grass is ideal for both residential and commercial applications alike, and there are over 20 different specially-designed solutions to choose from.
  • Sustainable – ForeverLawn artificial grass is created with non-toxic materials that are safe for the environment, humans, and animals. In addition, our solutions allow you to conserve water and abstain from the use of harmful fertilizers and pesticides
  • Beautiful – Our artificial grass products use high quality, realistic-looking fibers for an end product that looks and feels like natural grass.

High-Quality Artificial Grass Products

  • DuPont™ ForeverLawn® Select Synthetic Grass– With four different variations to choose from based on the level of foot traffic of your lawn, this artificial turf is an ideal way to improve the curb appeal of your home.
  • ForeverLawn® Fusion– This product is the culmination of years of research and development, created with our Legacy Fiber yarn that offers unmatched durability and realism.
  • K9Grass®– It’s the artificial grass designed specifically for dogs. With AlphaSan® antimicrobial protection and 100% edge-to-edge drainage, this comfortable surface for your beloved pets will stay fresh and clean.
  • Playground Grass– This is what kids were meant to play on! XStatic antistatic technology and AlphaSan® antimicrobial protection make this a safe and clean surface that’s perfect for playgrounds and other play areas.
  • GolfGreens– These artificial putting greens are an ideal solution for improving your landscape and your short game. For beginners, pros, and recreational golfers alike, GolfGreens offers a realistic surface to play on.
  • SportsGrass®– Unlike retro athletic turf that has a very fake appearance and texture, SportsGrass offers a realistic look and feel and allows for optimal performance without worrying about particles flying into players’ eyes.
  • SplashGrass– Make a big splash in your backyard with this artificial turf designed for water play areas and spaces with water features like pools and fountains. With its low-slip surface, it’s a safer solution above hard surfaces like concrete and wood decking.


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