Playing at a higher level

It’s About Performance

  • Unlimited use? Nice.

  • Limited maintenance? Great.

  • Long-term solution? Wonderful.

  • Unmatched performance? Priceless.

SportsGrass® has been manufactured to unique specifications that create a one-of-a-kind product–and improved performance. No more excessive amounts of infill getting in the players’ eyes. No more soft, squishy, low-performance feel or hard, compacted surface.

SportsGrass truly enables your athletes to play at a higher level.

Why SportsGrass?

  • Unlimited use of fields.

  • Greatly decrease maintenance costs.

  • Handles rain and drainage better.

  • Natural look and feel.

  • Reduced infill flyout.

  • Incredibly durable fibers.

  • Antimicrobial technology available for a safer, cleaner field.

  • Improved performance.

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