Fun and functional from the first splash!

SplashGrass™ by ForeverLawn® is a beautiful, safe, drainable synthetic grass that offers unique benefits for water play areas and landscaping within water parks.

Why SplashGrass?

  • Completely drainable

  • A safe play surface

  • Beautiful and green

  • Simple to maintain

  • A soft, safe alternative to concrete or pool deck

  • Beautiful and green

  • Great for recreating an outdoor environment

ForeverLawn SplashGrass

This superior surfacing product provides a low-maintenance, soft surfacing alternative to concrete and pool deck. The varied blade structure in SplashGrass provides a low-slip surface for water play areas, and our Flow-Through Backing™ system is perfect for areas that require fast, effective drainage.

SplashGrass by ForeverLawn