Thank you for selecting ForeverLawn as your supplier of artificial grass in Phoenix, Arizona. The exclusive ForeverLawn dealer of synthetic grass products in Phoenix and the surrounding areas is ForeverLawn Southwest.

The Arizona heat takes a toll on lawns everywhere. The lack of rain causes dry, brown grass and watering your lawn uses up water that isn’t unlimited. Artificial grass is the perfect solution for suffering lawns in drought conditions. With ForeverLawn artificial grass, your lawn will stay green no matter the weather conditions. There are many advantages of installing ForeverLawn synthetic grass, such as:

  • Save money on water
  • Save time on maintenance
  • Have a lush green lawn all year-round
  • Be environmentally conscious

ForeverLawn is always working to stay ahead of the game, so we have roughly 20 different products made with the best technology there is to ensure durability and efficient functionality.

One of our most popular artificial grass products is K9Grass®. K9Grass is specifically engineered to benefit dogs and dog owners. Each blade is coated with antimicrobial protection for maximum cleanliness, and our patented flow-through backing system allows fluids to quickly drain out of the turf.

Our other specialized products include:

  • Playground Grass™ – This synthetic turf functions well in residential play areas and commercial playgrounds and parks because of its durable blade structure.
  • SplashGrass™ – This artificial grass features a flow-through backing that allows water to quickly and efficiently drain out from the turf, making it suitable for any waterside areas such as a residential pool area or lakeside backyard, and for commercial areas such as water parks.
  • SportsGrass® – Maintain a beautiful indoor or outdoor sports field without doing any work. This artificial turf will greatly decrease if not diminish your maintenance and water costs.
  • GolfGreens® – Practice your putting on this professional-quality turf while also improving your landscape.

ForeverLawn Southwest, Phoenix serves the below communities and the surrounding area with premium artificial grass. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Remember to contact ForeverLawn Southwest, Phoenix for all your artificial grass needs in the Phoenix, Arizona area. Call us today to find out more information or to request a quote on our synthetic grass products.

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