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It’s a Key Time

All agree that it’s a key time in the Norton community! It’s exciting to consider the significant improvements to our school facilities that include building of a new high school, building a new athletic complex, and renovating existing buildings, all designed to improve the educational experience provided by Norton City Schools. Synthetic turf is a key component to the new stadium and will enable this community facility to function year round.

As a result of efforts to make this dream a reality, the Norton community and the Norton City School district have been presented with a wonderful opportunity. ForeverLawn, a synthetic turf company based in North Canton, Ohio, will install a complete synthetic turf field at Norton High School for the opening of the new stadium in the fall of 2015. ForeverLawn is a national company whose primary markets are located in the western and southwestern sections of the United States.

Objective and Timeline

Our objective is to provide a first class educational facility for the families and citizens of Norton. Thus, we are raising $450,000 to pay for synthetic turf to be installed by ForeverLawn in Spring/Summer 2015. Funds will be raised through private donations from businesses and individuals connected to the Norton community. Volunteers, who have embraced this project, will be instrumental in achieving this objective by assisting in our fundraising efforts.