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“How do you plan to pay for this project?”
The fund raising campaign is designed to raise monies necessary to repay Forever Lawn for the cost of the synthetic turf field. Several community organizations have made sizeable donations totaling more than 25% of the goal amount. Committee volunteers plan to contact individuals and businesses seeking the needed financial support to meet the goal amount.

“What is the estimated, useful life of a synthetic surface field?”
It is reasonable to expect 10 years of use for a synthetic surface field. We are hoping to get up to 12 years. Other schools in the area have used their fields for 12 years before replacement (Ravenna HS), or are expecting that usage level from their current fields (Lake HS).

“Why turf and not grass?”
Here at Norton City Schools, we are fortunate to have the opportunity to upgrade educational facilities with a new high school and athletic complex. In recent years, numerous area schools and communities have chosen synthetic surfaces for their new or upgraded stadiums for multiple reasons. Functionally, outside of thunder and lightning, inclement weather would have no impact on our ability to host athletic events. Yearly, NHS and NMS athletic contests have to be postponed, canceled or moved to other sites because our natural surface field cannot handle severe weather conditions. Additionally, the cost of maintaining a natural surface over ten years (the estimated life of a synthetic turf field) compares well to the cost of a synthetic surface field. Aesthetically, a synthetic surface field can be manufactured to accommodate and promote any desired school and community spirit plan.

“Can you explain my giving options?”
Five year financial gifts and pledges will be solicited, with the option to pay annually beginning March 26, 2015. One time gifts are also appreciated. A range of giving options is available through our Key 100 Club. The Key 100 Club is looking for a minimum of 25 donors at each of the following levels:

The Keystone donor: $1000+ per year for 5 years
Total donation: $5000-$9999

The Red Key donor: $500+ per year for 5 years
Total donation: $2500-$4999

The Black Key donor: $200+ per year for 5 years
Total donation: $1000-$2499

The White Key donor: $100+ per year for 5 years
Total donation: $500-$ 999

The opportunity to purchase a brick in the “Bricks to Build Our Stadium” program is another giving option. Donations of $100, $200, or $300 will purchase a brick with donors’ names and/or messages to be used in a special permanent walkway at the new stadium “Bricks to Build Our Stadium” order forms can be accessed by going to www.nortonschools.org and clicking the Brick Order Form on the Norton City Schools district homepage. This giving option is sponsored by the Norton City Schools Foundation.

“How will donors be acknowledged?”
Key 100 Club donors will be recognized on a plaque at the new stadium, as well as in other print mediums to be determined at a later date. Key 100 Club donors will also receive a commemorative brick in the new stadium walkway. See the “Bricks to Build Our Stadium” link above for additional information.

“Will there be naming opportunities?”
Every gift is important to the realization of this project. Naming opportunities are also available for the stadium, field, concession stand, and/or locker rooms. Please contact Norton High School Athletic Director, Brian Miller at bmiller@nortonschools.org or 330.825.7300 ext. 532161 for further information.

“Will my gift be tax deductible?”
Yes. This project is privately funded through the Panther Parents Athletic Booster Club (PPABC), a non-profit 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization. As a tax-exempt organization, all donations to this project qualify as charitable contributions and are 100% tax deductible.

“Why do this now?”
It’s a KEY TIME in Norton! The building of a new high school and new athletic facility are exciting and welcomed investments in this community. Those committed to the turf project believe this addition will make our new athletic facility complete. In addition to school football and soccer games, fall band performances, spring baseball and softball practices, physical education activities and lower school field days would be guaranteed a functional place in which to hold events.

As the new stadium begins construction, it is most cost-effective to install the new synthetic surface at this time. Installing a synthetic surface field after a natural surface is in place would substantially increase the cost. The best time to do this project is now, and thanks to the good people at ForeverLawn, we have that opportunity.