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Why synthetic turf and not grass?
Here at Norton City Schools, we are fortunate to have the opportunity to upgrade educational facilities with a new high school and athletic complex. In recent years, numerous area schools and communities have chosen synthetic surfaces for their new or upgraded stadiums. Functionally, outside of thunder and lightning, inclement weather would have no impact on our ability to host athletic events. Yearly, NHS and NMS athletic contests have to be postponed, canceled or moved to other sites because our natural surface field cannot handle severe weather conditions. Additionally, the cost of maintaining a natural surface over ten years (the estimated life of a synthetic turf field) compares well to the cost of a synthetic surface field. Aesthetically, a synthetic surface field can be manufactured to accommodate and promote any desired school and community spirit plan. Consider the benefits:

  • Provide a safe, functional, modern facility on which to play year round.
  • Poor weather will not hamper our ability to host athletic or band competitions.
  • High school usage: football, soccer, band, cheer, baseball, softball, track.
  • Middle school and youth usage: ms football and track, youth football, cheer & soccer.
  • Year round use by the community.
  • Ability to host community events.
  • Provide a first class facility for the Norton community and for Norton City Schools.