ForeverLawn utilizes BioCel™ Technology to create a quality earth-friendly product.

How GREEN is ForeverLawn?

  • Our synthetic turf products are safe, soft, and environmentally friendly.
  • With our vertical drainage rainwater is filtered back into the water table naturally because ForeverLawn is permeable.
  • With ForeverLawn you will use less water, eliminate pesticides and fertilizers, provide effective erosion control, and improve air quality by reducing emissions.
  • ForeverLawn products are between 30-35% green by weight.
  • ForeverLawn installed systems (with rubber infill) are between 60-65% green by weight.
  • ForeverLawn products feature award winning BioCelTM Turf Backing Systems from UTT.
  • BioCelTM, a new, environmentally-sensitive high performance polyurethane backing for carpet and synthetic turf – developed by Universal Textile Technologies, was awarded the Grand Prize for Environmental Initiatives presented by Buildings Magazine at NeoCon in Chicago in June, 2004.
  • These proven polyurethane backings are preserving resources by extending product life and reducing landfill waste.
  • With the BioCelTM laminate, and a 100% post-consumer recycled non-woven geotextile secondary backing, ForeverLawn offers high performance products offering significant percentages of recycled and sustainable components.
  • LEEDTM Guidelines – Specifying ForeverLawn synthetic grass with BioCelTM Turf Backing Systems contributes to the total building materials requirement for rapidly renewable materials under the Materials and Resources Section of Version 2.0 of the LEEDTM guidelines from the U.S. Green Building Council (see for more information and specifications)

Creating possibilities and changing the landscape of design

With ForeverLawn you can have the beauty and functionality of natural grass in places you never thought possible.

From rooftops and balconies to high traffic playgrounds and fields, ForeverLawn is beautiful, functional, and environmentally sound.

Green Artificial Grass

Introducing BioCel Polyurethane Carpet and Turf Backing Systems

BioCel Technology takes Universal’s commitment to green a step further by combining two advances in renewable and recycled components, making it our most environmentally friendly product yet.

We just keep getting friendlier

Start with Green
Polyurethane backings are proven performers – preserving resources by extending product life and reducing landfill waste.

Make it greener
BioBalance™ polymers are created from Soybean plants – a stable and 100% renewable resource.

UTT’s BioCel backing systems meet or exceed the standards set for indoor air quality, with an added benefit – our products rely on growing things – and that helps the air outdoors, too.

Celceram™ a highly-refined recovered mineral endorsed by the US Environmental Protection Agency. Not a filler, but a component that actually improves product stability without increasing costs.

Our Greenest Yet
BioCel technology brings it all together in one package – a high performance product that is 50-60% green by weight.