Grass Without Limits.® Landscaping Solution

When planning a landscape for your home or commercial setting, there are many choices for ground cover, from grass, to mulch, to hardscapes and more. Many homeowners and businesses choose natural grass for its lush, beautiful appearance and soft feel, but there are many cases where grass simply will not grow.

ForeverLawn offers a landscaping solution to overcome the limitations of natural grass called Grass Without Limits.®. See below to learn more about how Grass Without Limits.® addresses some of the problems that homeowners and businesses experience in their landscaping endeavors.

A Grass Without Limits.® installation does not require water to keep the landscape green and lush.

Problem 1: Water Restrictions

Water conservation is the number one limiting factor for natural grass. In areas experiencing drought conditions, natural grass can be a troublesome surface to maintain. Without regular watering, natural grass becomes brittle and eventually dies, resulting in a barren, unsightly appearance, and an unusable space.

Grass Without Limits.® from ForeverLawn is a unique installation service wherein the existing sod and dirt is removed, replaced with a base of compacted aggregate, and covered with a beautiful waterless artificial turf solution. This service, provided by qualified ForeverLawn installation specialists, results in a lawn that will look lush and provide a functional outdoor area for years with very little maintenance.

Problem 2: Insufficient Sunlight

Natural grass requires adequate exposure to sunlight to grow. Some outdoor areas are covered by large shade trees or structures that block sunlight from reaching the ground. These areas often become troublesome spots to maintain, and result in dead spots in the yard. Grass Without Limits.® provides an installation solution that can turn these unsightly areas into green, functional spaces, allowing you to reclaim your yard even in areas where adequate sunlight is unavailable.

While this is an excellent solution for outdoor areas that are blocked from the sun, a Grass Without Limits.® installation can also be successful indoors where absolutely no sunlight is available! Since there is no existing dirt or roots to be removed in an indoor setting, the grass can be installed directly on the floor, providing an easy, attractive grass surface indoors.

ForeverLawn Tampa Bay Poolside

Convert an unsightly, unusable rooftop into a beautiful and functional space thanks to our Grass Without Limits.® installation service.

Problem 3: Unsuitable Location

Some locations, such as crowded city dwellings or commercial settings, simply don’t have yards where grass can be planted. Can a Grass Without Limits.® installation help in these situations as well? Yes! Since Grass Without Limits.® installations do not require water, sunlight, or an area for roots to form, it can be completed on spaces such as rooftops, patios, and even indoors!

In this situation, the Grass Without Limits.® service would offer several options for installing a synthetic turf alternative. If no drainage is required, artificial grass can often be installed directly on top of a patio or other hard surface. When drainage is needed, such as on a rooftop, a grid system is used to raise the artificial grass off of the surface, allowing for water to drain through the grass into the space below.

The Grass Without Limits.® installation service from ForeverLawn provides custom solutions for areas where natural grass is difficult or impossible to grow. For a free consultation to see how Grass Without Limits.® can help you get the landscape you desire, call 866.992.7876 or contact us today.