Meet the new generation of playground safety surfacing! You can avoid the headaches of blacktop, mulch, gravel, rubber, or thinning grass surfaces. Our revolutionary new artificial grass has the look, safety, cost-effectiveness, and durability that you have been seeking.

Georgia Playground Grass now can look good year-round without concern for drought or temperature conditions that would thin or burn out the grass. Imagine no more watering, mowing, sodding, fertilizing, or mud tracked indoors on rainy days!

Our artificial Playground Grass was designed to endure the hard use of a playground full of children without showing the wear. Developed by ForeverLawn, our artificial Playground Grass is lush, beautiful and maintenance free.

Foreverlawn has devised a unique blade structure and new yarn that resists wear up to 4 times that of other synthetic grasses. Plus we have a revolutionary new seaming system that insures that our seams hold together with the daily extreme use of a playground full of active children.

You can rest assured in the safety for the children that we provide because Playground Grass has been certified by Detroit Testing Laboratories to meet and exceed the ASTM 1292 fall height requirements for up to 12 feet. Our product also meets ASTM 1951 ADA certification requirements.

Call the Foreverlawn North Central Georgia representatives today to find out how to extend the beauty, safety, and usefulness of your playground with our revolutionary Playground Grass. We’ll transform a tired playground into a landscaped paradise that looks lush year-round. Call 706.485.5899 today to speak with Hill and Debbie Thompson, lifelong residents of Georgia, who are committed to treating their customers with honesty, integrity and respect.

Playground Grass by ForeverLawn

Georgia Playground Grass by ForeverLawn
Georgia Playground Grass by ForeverLawn