Newly fresh cut grass look and feel.

Installed with zero infill, this artificial grass is ideal for applications where freedom of movement is a priority, such as in retirement homes or other places where wheelchair access is important. It features a clean, fresh-cut appearance.

Why Choose Fresh?

  • Infill-Free – This is the only ForeverLawn® Landscape™ artificial grass product with zero infill, making it perfect for applications in which you don’t want any infill or need a shorter product that’s easier to walk—and roll—on!
  • Dense and Durable – Fresh is a very short, dense product that’s ideal for areas where freedom of movement is a priority. With a dense blade structure, this product will hold up to heavy foot traffic.
  • Very Low-Maintenance – The absence of infill on this product means that it is the most low-maintenance product we offer. There’s no need to worry about liquids or smells getting trapped in the infill, and any debris lays right on top of the turf so it can be easily brushed away.
  • Clean – Antimicrobial technology is built right into the blades for added cleanliness and protection against mold and mildew.
ForeverLawn Landscape - Fresh