A beautiful lawn doesn’t need expensive upkeep and time-consuming maintenance to stay lush and green. ForeverLawn of the Carolinas can perform a one-time install that leaves you with gorgeous, natural looking grass that lasts for years.

Synthetic Grass That Feels All-Natural

ForeverLawn products are produced using innovative technology that is made to look and act as though it was grown by Mother Nature. Variegated colors give the appearance of real grass. The softness of the product is gentle enough for bare feet. Even pets can enjoy this synthetic grass.

Flow-Through Backing Allows for Great Drainage

Don’t worry about pooling water. ForeverLawn utilizes flow-through backing, which allows even heavy rain to enter the material and drain like any other type of grass. This is especially helpful when cleaning messes left by children and animals. Simply hose the product clean and watch as the water drains away.

Synthetic Grass Products for Every Use

Synthetic grass is not just for appearances. ForeverLawn offers products that can be used by pets, sports enthusiasts, golfers, and more.

  • SportsGrass®: Outfit your indoor or outdoor stadium with SportsGrass. Avoid maintenance costs by using this long-lasting, high-performance product. SportsGrass is also antimicrobial to lessen the risk of infection from sports-related injuries.
  • SplashGrass™: Tired of rock and concrete next to your pool? Replace it with the softness of SplashGrass. The blades won’t fade even when faced with harsh pool chemicals.
  • Playground Grass™: What ground cover gets more wear than a playground? Keep your children safe and happy while keeping the yard beautiful by installing Playground Grass, the only playground surfacing product featuring patent-pending antistatic technology.
  • GolfGreens®: Golfers delight with our line of GolfGreens including ProDrive, Pro Putt & Chip, True Putt, Pin Seeker, EZ Putt and Fringe that allow you to improve your game without leaving your backyard.
  • K9Grass®: An outdoor kennel should be a place where your pet feels safe and loved. K9Grass withstands pacing, digging, and repeated toilet use.

Contact ForeverLawn of the Carolinas today to learn how we can help you achieve your lawn goals.

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