Quick Home Sale Due to ForeverLawn

“We had an open house on Saturday, and Sunday we received a full offer for the home. The deciding factor was the grass!

Bonnie and I had ForeverLawn installed last year, front and back. We have received countless compliments from the neighbors and visitors.

During our open house, we answered lots of questions about the grass and we even handed out your business card and information about the product.

We were so excited to learn that the people who purchased our home said that the “tipping point” was our great looking lawn and the no-maintenance yard work.

Thanks again for giving us our beautiful lawn and for the quick sale of our home!”


Christine Haggerty and Bonnie Coon
Boise, Idaho

Healthy Beginnings Childcare Center

“Many parents don’t even realize that it is artificial. The aides just love it. The only complaint we have received is that we don’t have enough of it!”

Kasha Lawrence, Owner
Meridian, Idaho

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