Considering artificial turf for a project at your home or business? As you’re considering all the possible surfacing solutions available out there, we want you to have a place to turn to for answers to your questions. We’ve taken some time to compile the most frequently asked questions about artificial grass, and about our products specifically.

What is the best artificial turf brand?

ForeverLawn® offers the best artificial turf on the market. Although many turf companies claim to have the best product, only ForeverLawn has the long list of innovations and patents below that continue to revolutionize the synthetic turf industry.

At ForeverLawn, we’re not just ahead of the curve, we’re defining it.

  • First ASTM 1292 safety-rated grass system (Playground Grass™).
  • First artificial grass designed specifically for dogs (K9Grass®).
  • First product on the market with unique multicolored blade structure and tan thatch (DuPont™ ForeverLawn® Select LX).
  • Only playground surfacing product featuring patented XStatic™ antistatic technology (Playground Grass Ultra™).
  • Patented flushing system designed to create indoor artificial grass areas for pets (K9Grass Flushing System).
  • The most advanced training and certification program in the industry.
  • Only synthetic grass with the exclusive Memory Fiber™ yarn, for increased resiliency, durability, unparalleled natural appearance (DuPont™ ForeverLawn® Select Synthetic Grass).
  • Only synthetic grass bearing the DuPont™ name (DuPont™ ForeverLawn® Select Synthetic Grass).
  • Only patented playground surface with SafetyCel™, which is ASTM safety certified up to 13 feet, ADA compliant, and exceeds the Head Injury Criterion requirements.
  • Most advanced 15-year warranty and superior warranty tracking system (ForeverLawn Closed Loop Warranty System).

Learn more about what makes ForeverLawn artificial turf the best turf brand on the market.

How much does artificial grass cost?

Due to all the variables such as geographic region, dealer representation, ground prep requirements, access to the area, product chosen, size of the job, etc., cost can vary significantly. Your best bet is to contact your local ForeverLawn dealer. They will be able to provide a site survey and give you accurate answers to all of your questions and specific recommendations on the options that will serve you best for years to come.

Actual pricing on artificial turf products will vary from area to area. If you’d like a quote for a project you have in mind, please locate and contact your local ForeverLawn dealer.

Is artificial grass worth the money?

Artificial grass continues to offer benefits for the entirety of its lifetime, making it a smart investment that yields savings and benefits that make it well worth it!

ForeverLawn turf also comes with an industry-leading, 15-year warranty, providing peace of mind for years to come. When you start to think about turf in terms of cost per year, there’s no doubt it’s well worth the investment. Take a look at our cost of ownership comparison chart to better understand the cost savings potential of installing our turf.

Take a look at this featured project that shows what happened when we caught up with a customer 15 years after we installed our artificial turf at his residence!

We’ve found that pet facilities in particular tend to see bigger profits after installing our K9Grass synthetic turf for dogs.

Sample Cost-Benefit Analysis of K9Grass Synthetic Turf

Before K9Grass
  • 30 dogs per day at $30 each 5 days per week:

    • $4.5K weekly revenue
    • $234K annual revenue
After K9Grass
  • Justification to raise price by 10% ($33 per day)
    • $5K weekly revenue
    • $257K annual revenue
  • Attraction of new customers (3 @ $33 per day)
    • $495 weekly revenue
    • $26K annual revenue
  • Current annual daycare revenue: $234K
  • Annual daycare revenue with K9Grass: $283K
  • Increase in annual revenue: $49,000

*Note: This is a sample cost-benefit analysis. We cannot guarantee these same results for your facility.

What are advantages and disadvantages of artificial grass?


  • Durable - While excessive use may cause bare patches to develop in a natural grass lawn, ForeverLawn synthetic grass is very resistant to wear and engineered to be durable and long lasting. Certain products are designed to withstand heavy foot traffic, while others are for low to moderate foot traffic.
  • Low-Maintenance - Finding an ideal low–maintenance natural grass option for your landscape is all but impossible. The constant watering, weeding, fertilizing, mowing, and patching of natural grass not only add toxic chemicals and noise pollution into the environment, but also reduce the amount of time you can enjoy your landscape.
  • Attractive - Unlike some types of artificial turf and other surfacing solutions that simply look fake and out of place, ForeverLawn artificial grass has a natural, realistic appearance that mimics both the look and feel of natural grass.
  • Versatile - ForeverLawn artificial grass products cover a range of needs for different applications—from pet facilities to playgrounds to athletic fields.
  • Cost-Effective - Even though the initial investment in synthetic grass is significant, when spread across the life of the product there is actually a cost saving element to having it installed versus natural grass because of significant water savings and eliminating the need for fertilizers and reseeding. Take a look at our cost of ownership comparison chart to better understand the cost savings potential.

How do you maintain synthetic turf?

  • Remove dirt and debris from the turf. Regular maintenance with a blower, brush, and/or sweeper should be performed to remove dirt or debris, which accumulates on the turf as a result of use. Based on location and frequency of use, this should be done regularly in order to avoid excessive accumulation.
  • Groom the turf. Groom the grass with a plastic leaf rake, stiff bristled push broom, or power broom to help keep grass looking fresh. When doing this, pull the broom against the lay of the turf to lift the blades.
  • Rinse the turf with water. While not required, an occasional rinse with water will keep the grass clean.
This maintenance overview with licensed contractor and TV host Jason Cameron does a great job of showing how low-maintenance our turf really is. If there are questions on specifics for your installation, please contact ForeverLawn or an authorized ForeverLawn dealer.

Is artificial grass safe?

At ForeverLawn, we take safety very seriously. Our products are not only safe, but are often safer and more healthy than natural grass. Materials used in all of our turf products are non-toxic to humans and animals. Any rubber infill that is present in our products is non-toxic and will in no way harm either children or pets if swallowed. A material safety data sheet is available upon request. See testing and safety data.

Here are some of the ways that ForeverLawn is leading the way in safety:

  • ForeverLawn products do not harbor bacteria.
  • We offer an antimicrobial agent built into the blades of select products for a cleaner, safer environment.
  • Playground Grass synthetic turf meets and exceeds ASTM 1292 safety standards up to 15 feet and is ADA compliant.

Playground Grass

Playground Grass is a product line that was designed with extreme attention to safety because it’s used underneath kids’ play structures on playgrounds. Playground surfacing materials must meet certain regulations to protect children from falls and make sure playgrounds are accessible to children who use wheelchairs, gait trainers, and other assistive devices.

Playground Grass by ForeverLawn excels in safety for the following reasons:

  • Playground Grass products meet or exceed established testing standards with regard to heavy metals in turf, according to CPSC, ASTM, and the State of California standards.
  • Playground Grass products meet the ASTM 1292 fall specifications as well as the ASTM 1951 ADA accessibility specifications.
  • ForeverLawn provides specifications and thorough training to our dealers to ensure they install safety systems that are in compliance with standards set forth by IPEMA.
  • AlphaSan® antimicrobial technology, which is used on items such as water coolers, shopping carts, and nursing stations at hospitals, is manufactured into the blades of select Playground Grass products to foster a cleaner, safer environment.
  • XStatic™ antistatic technology is incorporated into the blades to help reduce static buildup on the playground. This important development helps playground users who rely on electronic devices such as cochlear implants enjoy a safer, more rewarding play experience.


K9Grass synthetic turf was designed specifically for dogs with their health, safety, and comfort in mind.

  • AlphaSan® antimicrobial technology, which is used on items such as water coolers, shopping carts, and nursing stations at hospitals, is manufactured into the blades of K9Grass products to help foster a cleaner, safer environment for dogs.

Please feel free to contact us with more specific safety questions on any of our products that you are interested in.

How tall is artificial grass?

Blade height of artificial grass varies depending on the purpose of the grass area. For example, DuPont™ ForeverLawn® Select Synthetic Grass has a taller blade height and a more lush, thick appearance than some of our GolfGreens® products, because one is meant to create a lush landscape and one is meant for putting.

Take a look at the comparison chart to see what thickness of turf is ideal for different applications, and you can explore which of our turf products work best for those applications.

ApplicationTurf Blade HeightProduct
For a natural look - Low to moderate foot traffic2” Explore DuPont™ ForeverLawn® Select LX
For a natural look - High foot traffic1 ¾” Explore DuPont™ ForeverLawn® Select HD
1 ⅜” - 1 ¾” Explore ForeverLawn Fusion™
For an easily accessible play surface1” - 1 ¾” Browse Playground Grass™ products
For a putting green⅜” - 1”Explore GolfGreens® products
For an athletic field⅜” - 2”Explore SportsGrass® products
For a natural-looking surface for dogs⅞”Browse K9Grass® products

Does artificial grass get too hot in the summer?

Synthetic grass does not absorb and radiate heat, so while it may become hotter than natural surfaces like grass and dirt under direct sunlight, it cools down quickly and stays cool under shade or cloud cover.

Other synthetic surfaces such as pavement, rock, or brick—and even natural surfaces like sand on the beach—will get hot and continue to radiate heat even after direct sun is blocked. But just as so many people choose to sit out on the sand to enjoy the benefits of the beach, our customers choose ForeverLawn synthetic grass for its many benefits that far outweigh the chance of it getting a little hot.

Does artificial grass fade over time?

When buying artificial grass it is important to think about the long-term performance of the product. ForeverLawn is manufactured in the USA from the highest quality materials including high-grade UV stabilizers. While some turf companies cut costs with cheaper materials that show fading or UV degradation quickly, there are ForeverLawn installations in some of the highest sun environments that date back to 2004 and still look great.

The ForeverLawn Closed Loop Warranty expressly warrants against ultraviolet degradation for 15 years.

Does water drain through turf?

Yes, our artificial grass is perforated throughout to allow for water to properly flow through into the drainage base that has been applied underneath.

While all of our products are excellent at draining water out of the turf, a few stand out for their drainage capabilities:

  • K9Grass - This is the synthetic turf designed specifically for dogs. Unlike many other turf brands, K9Grass synthetic turf was designed with considerations for pet waste in mind. Our turf has 100% edge-to-edge drainage capabilities to help promptly drain liquid waste out of the turf.
  • SplashGrass™ - Unlike traditional surfacing materials like natural grass, concrete, or wood decking used around pools and other water features, SplashGrass synthetic turf provides a soft, low-slip surface that doesn’t get muddy or slippery when wet due to its highly drainable design. Plus, it provides a beautiful, natural appearance that complements any landscape.

See the drainage capabilities of K9Grass synthetic turf in action, demonstrated by Licenced Contractor and TV Host Jason Cameron.

Will artificial turf catch fire?

ForeverLawn synthetic turf is non-flammable. However, if you’re concerned about light-reflective issues from low-E windows or other heat sources, Fusion is our revolutionary product that uses advanced heat-resistant materials.

Is synthetic turf pet-friendly?

Yes! All materials used to make ForeverLawn synthetic grass are non-toxic to both humans and animals. We have helped so many home and business owners create spaces that are beautiful and enjoyable, as well as safe and comfortable for dogs.

K9Grass synthetic turf by ForeverLawn is a premium product designed specifically for dogs, offering amazing benefits to pet parents and dog facility owners such as a Flow-Through Backing™ for maximum drainage and AlphaSan® antimicrobial technology built into the blades.

Just take a look at all the happy dogs, dog owners, and pet facility owners enjoying their K9Grass synthetic turf!

In addition to K9Grass, all of our other turf products are safe for dogs as well. Many homeowners with dogs choose ForeverLawn Landscape synthetic turf to create a lawn that’s both beautiful and pet-friendly. Celebrities like Jessica Capshaw and Christopher Gavigan love having ForeverLawn Fusion synthetic grass in their backyard because it’s great for their kids and their dog Gus.

Does dog pee ruin artificial grass?

Dog urine will not ruin artificial grass, and can be easily washed out of the turf to maintain a clean surface. Do make sure that you wash urine away and pick up solid waste promptly to maintain a clean surface.

For situations in which the turf will be used regularly by dogs, we recommend our product that is designed specifically for dogs—K9Grass synthetic turf. Our product is unmatched on the market because of our Flow-Through Backing™ that allows for 100% edge-to-edge drainage.

How much water would I save with artificial turf?

According to the water management statistics, 75% of your monthly water bill is for outside use! Of course, you might still use water for outdoor tasks like watering the flowers or washing the car, but much of that outdoor water use is likely due to running sprinklers for hours on end in an attempt to keep your natural grass lawn green.

Except for the occasional rinse, ForeverLawn synthetic grass does not require any watering.

Are there bugs in artificial grass?

Since artificial grass has no organic value, the bugs have nothing to feed on and therefore will move on to a yard with real grass. Fire ants have a hard time coming up through the drainage holes and will generally find an area outside the grass that has less resistance. Of course, you will occasionally find bugs landing on and crawling on the turf, but it does not harbor insects.

What should I do if I spill something like paint on artificial grass?

Our grass is made of non-absorbent materials that allow you to clean up most spills without staining. A complete care guide will be mailed to you after the completion of the job that will tell you how to care for your grass and clean up spills.

  • Clean as much of the spill as possible with a clean rag first.
  • Water, a mild detergent, and in some cases a stiff bristled nylon brush, can be used to clean most spills or drops on the grass.
  • More permanent items such as paint may be able to be removed, but require a lot more effort. Use of harsh or damaging cleaning chemicals, solutions, or solvents may limit the liability claim. Further information regarding cleaning materials is available upon request from ForeverLawn.