Imagine the perfect yard. A spread of lush, green grass, cut to the perfect height. This yard would never need mowed, fertilized, or watered, and it would remain green year-round. Impossible? Not anymore. If you are looking for artificial grass in Pleasanton, California, ForeverLawn has exactly what you’re looking for, with over twenty varieties of artificial grass to choose from. We have grass designed for pets, children, sports, water areas, golf greens, and more. Save money and time without sacrificing the look of your yard.

It’s Sustainable

Our artificial grass helps both the environment and your pocket book. Imagine no more out-of-pocket expenses for lawn equipment, water, and lawn chemicals. Our artificial turf is nontoxic and made from recycled and sustainable materials, so it uses fewer resources than natural grass. There’s no more need for fertilizers, pesticides, or emissions from lawn equipment.

It Saves Time

Tired of spending most of your time weeding, mowing, fertilizing, patching, weed-whacking, and maintaining your lawn? With an artificial lawn you will save hours every week, which really adds up. Spend your time with friends and family, or relaxing out in your beautiful, new lawn. Have the neighbors over for a barbecue without spending endless hours getting the yard ready.

It’s Beautiful

Not only does our low-maintenance artificial grass have a soft, natural appearance, but it is made to last. It’s extremely durable, able to withstand heavy traffic without creating patches or bare spots, like you see in natural grass. It holds up year-round on any terrain, weather, or temperature. Our experts make sure every step of the installation process is done correctly and efficiently, so your yard will look seamlessly beautiful for years to come.

Our low-maintenance artificial grass is not only sustainable, beautiful, and time-saving, but it will also pay for itself over time. Please contact us today for more information. We would love to answer any questions you have and give you an estimate on turning your Pleasanton, California lawn into the yard of your dreams!

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