Imagine a life with perfect, green grass that requires no work. The grass is always green, and there are no weeds, no need for fertilizers, watering, trimming, or mowing. Sounds impossible, right? Not anymore! If you are looking for a worry-free yard in Menlo Park, California, ForeverLawn has the artificial grass you are looking for. It’s lush, green and looks natural. ForeverLawn has something for everyone. There are over twenty types of grass for your family to choose from. We have a type specifically for dogs, one for children, and even the sought-after golf green look.

The possibilities are endless.
We’re not just ahead of the curve, we’re defining it. Our grass not only looks and feels real, but it saves your pocketbook and opens up your schedule, so you have more time to focus on things that really matter.

Artificial grass saves you time and money.
How much time do you spend patching, weeding, mowing, and trimming your lawn? Once you finish do you ever have time to enjoy it before the cycle starts over? It’s a continual struggle of work and expenses. With the price of gas going up, it’s costing more and more to keep your lawn maintained. Then there’s the cost of pesticides, fertilizer, and water.

With a “forever” green lawn, what will you do with all your spare time? Take an extra vacation? Have a weekly barbeque? Watch more TV? What you do with all your time is up to you. Helping you get the time is up to us.

Artificial grass brings beauty to your yard.
Our experts know how to make sure your yard is seamlessly beautiful, so you can enjoy it year after year. Our grass is very durable and will hold up in any climate or temperature.

Our grass is non-toxic and made from recycled materials. It takes fewer resources to maintain it than natural grass, as it requires no water, pesticides, or emissions from mowing.

Call for more information.
Free up your schedule and your pocketbook with ForeverLawn artificial grass. It not only will pay for itself, but it also looks beautiful and is good for the planet. Please contact us today to learn more. Let us help you find the perfect green!

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