Imagine a world with no lawn maintenance. That’s right. Imagine a world with no more mowing, weeding, watering, trimming, or fertilizing. Imagine a world with just a beautiful, manageable green lawn all year long. Impossible? Not for ForeverLawn®. If you need artificial grass in Los Gatos, California, put down your weed-whacker and experience the perfect, worry-free lawn. ForeverLawn has over twenty types of grass to choose from, specializing in anything from child safety to a golf green, or even a grass just for pets.

Our grass looks and feels natural and is installed by experienced professionals who know exactly what they are doing. They will make sure your yard looks seamlessly beautiful.

How we save you money with artificial grass
Most yard work costs money. There is the expense of lawn service, but even if you do it yourself there is a lot of cost. Each time you mow or trim, you are using gas and oil. Then there’s the cost of lawn chemicals, fertilizer and water. Imagine not having to deal with these expenses. The money you save on lawn maintenance will pay for artificial grass.

How we save you time by installing artificial grass
How many hours a week do you spend dealing with grass, weeds, brown spots and bare patches? What about trimming? Think about how many hours you will save when you don’t have to deal with this anymore. How will you spend your time, now that you aren’t maintaining your lawn? Why not invite some family and friends over for a cookout, and show them your beautiful, new lawn? Or relax in a hammock and read a book? The possibilities are endless.

How we save the planet with sustainable artificial grass
Our grass helps the environment without sacrificing form or function. It is non-toxic and made from recycled and sustainable materials. It also requires no maintenance, so it will use fewer resources than natural grass.

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At ForeverLawn, the possibilities are endless. Enjoy natural-looking, green grass all year-round, no matter what the weather looks like, or what temperature it is. Not only is our low-maintenance grass beautiful, but it also will save you time while helping the environment. Please contact us today for more information on how we can help you obtain the perfect yard. We will gladly help answer any questions you have.

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