The sunny, often dry climate of California can make lawn care a hassle. The constant watering required to keep grass green and fresh can lead to high water bills. During the drought season, when forest fires are commonplace, communities cannot afford to waste water supplies on the beautification of their lawns. Under-watering your lawn can lead to brown, unsightly patches, while over-watering in the rainy season can lead to waterlogged grass and mud.

Americans as a whole spend billions of dollars a year on lawn maintenance, not to mention hours of their time.

The ForeverLawn dealerships in California eliminate these issues. Our environmentally friendly synthetic grass provides an economical alternative to the time and money that goes into ongoing lawn maintenance. Our products have a realistic appearance, giving the look of a perfectly manicured lawn year-round.

ForeverLawn artificial grass is ideal for both residential and commercial applications. Golf courses, playgrounds, pet parks, sport fields, pool areas: all of these can benefit from our products.

For those who desire an economically friendly alternative to the high-maintenance costs of a natural lawn, while still wishing to be environmentally conscience, ForeverLawn provides a wide range of top-quality grasses to suit your needs at our many California dealerships.


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