Thank you for your interest in ForeverLawn, the ultimate provider of quality synthetic grass. For all of your artificial grass needs in Tucson, Arizona and the surrounding areas, ForeverLawn Southwest, Tucson is the exclusive dealer of ForeverLawn artificial grass products.

ForeverLawn Is Environmentally Friendly

Having a green lawn in Arizona is near impossible with the desert conditions. Water isn’t an unlimited resource and running sprinklers all day is costly. By installing ForeverLawn artificial grass, you will save money by never needing to water your lawn again.

The city of Tucson has long been trying to implement strategies to cut water usage, and ForeverLawn artificial grass is a great solution. Not only do our products help conserve water, but they are also environmentally friendly. Our artificial grass is made from non-toxic, recycled materials.

Learn More About Our Premium Artificial Grass Products

DuPont™ ForeverLawn® Select Synthetic Grass is an ultra realistic and durable synthetic grass that is ideal for residential and commercial landscapes. This line of artificial grass features a tan thatch with multiple yarn colors weaved together to mimic the look and feel of natural grass. This is a great option for residential lawns to add curb appeal, but will also work well in almost any project.

Over 20 Specialized Synthetic Grass Products to Choose From

  • K9Grass – Give your dogs a special area to run and play designed with their needs in mind. This artificial grass is antimicrobial protected to keep bacteria from growing, and it has a flow-through backing system for maximum cleanliness. Not only will this artificial grass improve your dog’s outdoor experience, but it will also improve your landscape.
  • Playground Grass – Give the children a fun surface to play on that is also safe, because safety is most important when it comes to kids. This artificial turf creates a cushioned surface for falls and is safety rated for falls up to 13 feet. This safety rating remains even after heavy use. Playground Grass is also ADA accessible, encouraging playground planners to create handicap accessible playgrounds so that all children can enjoy.
  • SplashGrass – A low-slip surface near pools and water parks is essential to safety. This synthetic grass has been engineered to reduce slipping, and our patented flow-through backing system quickly and efficiently drains water to prevent water puddles.
  • GolfGreens – Our quality putting greens add interest to any landscape, and create a fun, recreational space to practice putting.
  • SportsGrass – Reduced amounts of infill in this artificial turf make it a better surface for players to get their game on without distraction. Transform your field into one that requires very little maintenance and no watering to make life easier for you and your players.

ForeverLawn Southwest, Tucson serves the below communities and the surrounding area with premium artificial grass. Contact us today for a free consultation.

ForeverLawn Southwest, Tucson is your source for quality artificial grass. Contact us today for more information on our products or for a free artificial grass consultation on your Tucson project. We will be happy to assist you!

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